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What is Venetian plaster?.....

Venetian plaster has been used since the middle ages. It is made from non-toxic materials such as lime and marble dust. It is environmentally friendly, it does not release harmful, volatile, organic compounds and it allows the walls to breathe.
It is also extremely durable once dried and easy to maintain. Venetian plaster can also add value to your property as it is a high-end material and known as a 'lifetime finish'.
I can also incorporate interior design advice to enhance the room's decor as a whole.


Textured Venetian plaster walls



Portfolio of Work


Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, Halstead, Essex.

As part of their refurbishment and modernisation programme I was tasked to create a bespoke statement wall in the ground floor bar area. The owner then asked if I could create feature walls in nine of the rooms at the Dorrington.

Photos of these on my instagram.

The Dorrington 1_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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